Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Planning for UNC Project Literacy’s Week of Literacy

By: Maple Seawright

A couple of months ago I was inspired by how another group dedicated a week to spreading awareness about their cause and to fundraising. They focused mainly on documentary screenings and panels. So shortly after I suggested that Project Literacy should have their own week too. Project Literacy’s annual Speed Dating event/fundraiser is already quite popular, so we decided to have other smaller events in the same week. I was hoping to join with another related campus organization and have a panel but you generally need more time to plan those. The next year I’m definitely doing a documentary screening, panel or a lunch and discussion like the Parr Center for Ethics does. 

The components of the Week of Literacy includes the Speed Dating event which I mentioned was great for fundraising. I thought of a game night for the volunteers to give them a chance to get to know one another. Project Literacy is a huge organization with volunteers spreading literacy all across the county therefore cohesion can be quite difficult. Me and the event chair thought of the scavenger hunt in the library which is a fun way to market our organization and may help with future recruitment of volunteers. I LOVE academics so next year I will make sure that it’s a bit more academic and literacy awareness based but since this will be the first Week of Literacy, I’m satisfied. This week I’m submitting the event to the Daily Tar Heel and the student calendar. The lesson? If your organization or nonprofit are looking for fresh fundraiser and marketing ideas don’t hesitate to get inspiring by others. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a review of the documentary “American Teacher", so stay tuned.

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