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Poetry is the celebration and investigation of art, language and culture. Novelty Sense will study poetry from a social science standpoint by using the artistic elements within poetry as cues to learn about society. Novelty Sense hopes to be an linguistic archaeologist on a quest to reveal the secrets to human behavior.

Art is….

                Poetry is….

“Art is the expression of the basic themes, values and perception or reality in way that are culturally meaningful… art is a form of expression that is guided by aesthetic principles and involve imagination, skill and style.”

The aesthetic and subtle musical components within poetry such as rhythm, rhyme imagery and metaphors highlights and intensifies the poet’s narrative. Poetry is a valuable artifact because it honestly and objectively reflects the environment of the poet. Poets will even unconsciously express repressed, unresolved emotions and the struggles within their social world through poetry.

Language is…

                       Poetry is…

“Language is a primary tool used for adapting to our environment. It allows humans to convey pertinent information to each other. ”

Language is such a defining characteristic of society & culture. The method in which language is creatively used in art reveals information about that time period. The symbolism within poetry enables the human experience such as dreams, ideas, ideology, oppression, etc. to be succinctly recanted & relived line by line. Each line of poetry manages to compress significant amounts of information. Poetry is like the diary of the literate world, guiding its audience to the depths of the ocean to the smile of child with the power of words. Poetry doubles as lyrical imagery and a linguistic museum.

Poetry reveals…


Poetry artistically and symbolically communicates complex messages about society and the poet’s personal identity. Symbols are specific according to the culture. The symbolism within poetry gives more insight into culture and behavior. Like DNA, heartfelt commentary and an outpouring of thoughts about the poet’s social world & environment is encoded within the poem.

Quoted Sources: Cultural Anthropology (2006), Serena Nanda & Richard L. Warms.

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