Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Sociological Mindfulness Can Enrich Lives

Can you think of companies or institutions with a Sociological Mindful purpose or goal?
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The Positive Effects of Sociological Mindfulness on Society

Sociological mindfulness involves having an intense awareness on how your actions can leave a negative imprint on society, being attentive to your actions and realizing that your behavior has a collective impact on your community and society. A habit as simple as flushing prescriptions pills down the toilet can result in a health crisis. The aggregate of thoughtless behavior can create negative social norms that has the capacity to destroy a community. For example, the neglect of people to think about those around them could result in a community saturated with health issues. Eventually everyone’s quality of life would be compromised due to financially burdened hospitals, contaminated agriculture and lowered productivity. Sociological mindfulness is a useful tool for a well-functioning social world.

Sociological mindfulness promotes a society that is able to think independently while being diplomatic, amicable and successfully interdependent. Individual sociological mindfulness enables people to consider the people they desire to follow and refuse to allow negative social influences to dictate their behavior. If people understand the struggles of others that have been emotionally scarred and pay attention to their destructive actions, then perhaps people will be more hesitant to follow just anyone. Many ruthless tyrants such as Hitler and Mussolini lead tortured lives and/or were mentally disturbed. A sociologically mindful person would realize how society has adversely impacted these people and can decide for himself that following these people would harm others.

Sociological mindfulness is especially significant for solving societal ills and preventing the growth of a culture that accepts certain forms of abuse. For example, while education reformers scramble to discover the reason for the lack of motivation in school many have overlooked the bullying, name calling and isolation of students that achieve a high level of academic success. Sociological mindful reformers, teachers and parents would pay attention to how the sports and entertainment culture take center fold in America while so called “nerds” are punished. A widespread movement to embrace intelligence could spread family by family which in turn could improve education. Sociological mindfulness encourages people to sacrifice individual wants for the greater good, even if that includes accepting other groups. The acceptance would theoretically benefit everyone. Lack of sociologically mindfulness will create a social world infested with corrupt governments, faulty public policy, abusive households and corporations riddled with sociopathic tendencies.
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