Novel insights, inspire a sensible life.  

Hello, I'm Dianne Heath!  I'm a history student at UNC Chapel Hill exploring social interaction. Novelty Sense is devoted to challenging assumptions and offering in-depth perspectives on a myriad of seemingly simple societal and personal issues. Challenging the status quo that is reinforced by common sense brings greater awareness to our environment and helps us improve our world. History proves that critical analysis and dispelling false narratives that structure society are revolutionary forces therefore I'm always in pursuit of knowledge and information. 

Novelty Sense is a safe haven for people with a broad range of interests who love having meaningful conversations, contemplating serious issues and studying human behavior. I discuss culture, education, literature, media, natural resources, psychology, public health and social institutions. Do not hesitate to participate!  You can directly contact me in the comment section or by email at contact (at) noveltysense (dot) com.